Elevate Your Mood & Take Yourself To New Heights.

13th Floor gummies are infused with hemp-derived THC, providing a potent experience that are sure to elevate your mood & taste buds.

13th Floor Blue Raz Flavored Delta 9 THC Gummies 3ct Packet

13th Floor

13th Floor Gummies

The 13th Floor gummies are made with only the finest and purest ingredients, ensuring a consistent & unparalleled experience.

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13th Floor Delta 9 THC Gummy Flavors

13th Floor

Tasty Flavors

Try Any of Our Delectable Flavors For Taste Bud Bliss: Blue Raz - Mango Peach - Cherry Lemonade

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13th Floor Mango Peach Flavored Delta 9 THC Gummies 20ct Packet

13th Floor

Big or Small

13th Floor gummies are available in two different sizes: 3ct or 20ct. The perfect way to keep the party going.

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